Aviva's approach to psychotherapy draws from many different theories and techniques. She combines traditional psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral techniques with cutting-edge somatic modalities based on the energy field, on  brain research, and how the mind and body process trauma and stress.

These modalities frequently enable clients to quite rapidly become proficient at soothing and calming themselves. This in turn can lead them to resolve or reframe the conflicts that brought them to therapy in the first place.

Through this multi-focused approach to treatment, Aviva helps clients eliminate trauma and stress while overcoming negative attitudes and beliefs. Patterns of behavior can be permanently shifted, however deeply ingrained they might have been, and profound changes can often be realized in very little time.

I will admit to being highly skeptical of this approach, However, after one session, the enormous burden of grief and anger, that I had thought would be with me for life, miraculously lifted. And it never came back.
— Client


When asked "What type of issues do you work with?" my response is:

I work with first and foremost with human beings. Common symptoms (such as loneliness, depression, anxiety and anger) are merely a part of each person's experience.  Together we systemically look to what is not working in your life, or what is out of balance. The central issue is for you to feel more in control of your thoughts and behavior, in order to have a greater sense of peace and well-being. 

I see myself as a facilitator and witness to the healing that take place for an individual as the blocks to healing are gradually moved out of the way. For some this can take more time than for others. There is no such thing as a wrong or right period of time. 

Of course each person is unique, so sessions are paced and geared to your expressed needs and wishes.


Some of the Many Issues Aviva Works With:


Stress and Trauma

Depression: sadness, loneliness, loss of confidence

Death: loss, grief

Anxiety: panic, fear, self-doubt

Marital: communication, separation, divorce

Obesity: weight loss, healthy diet

Anger Management: rage, frustration

Feeling stuck: negative patterns of thought

Money: income, career, employment

Pregnancy: infertility, birth, postpartum, miscarriage, adapting to motherhood.

Parenting: throughout the life span.

Physical: pain, sickness, allergies, chronic disease

Sleep: insomnia, apnea

Sexual: abuse, orientation

Spiritual: religion

Learning issues


Would you like to feel:

  • Better faster
  • Freer of stress anxiety and fear
  • More balanced and more in harmony with your life
  • More of a sense of peace and wellbeing
  • Listened to, heard and respected
  • Able to change your perspective about your relationship with self and others

What else do you want to feel? Here is  an anonymous way for you to to express that and give recognition to those longings. I will see what you have written , but I won't know who it is from, unless you choose to share your contact information. 


EFT comes from the work of Gary Craig

TAT ® from the work of Tapas Fleming

EMDR from the work of Francine Schapiro

IFS from the work of Richard Schwartz

Sensorimotor and somatic processing
from the work of Pat Ogden, Peter Levine and others.