How Grief gets pathologized in our procedure oriented society

In our medically oriented culture we witness daily how the normal inevitable experiences of grief and loss, which are an integral part of the human condition become ‘something to be cured’.

Our medical system is designed toward procedures and medication. This “do something to get rid of the excruciating pain of loss ” is all too often diagnosed and pathologised and medications get prescribed as the remedy.

This is a huge mistake. We ignore at our peril the richness and wisdom of the rituals and customs that have existed in culture and in religion for millennia to help people with grief and loss.

As a society we have far more compassion toward those who are in treatment for an ailment/pain that manifests through the physical body such as cancer and heart disease than for those whose pain manifests in the burdensome heavy painful difficult energy of pain and grief.

Holding, loving, connecting, compassion, time, and patience are the best medicines for grief and probably for most depression too, if only we were free to see that.